The Trace

The Trace

Mission:  To expand public understanding of gun violence in the United States through daily reporting, investigations, analysis, and commentary on the policy, politics, culture, and business of guns in America.

Background: The Trace is a single-subject journalism organization established in 2015 with seed money from gun control advocacy group , which was founded by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. The site — which has received additional support from Huffington Post co-founder and BuzzFeed chair Ken Lerer, venture capitalist Nick Hanauer, and the  — provides original reporting, commentary, and news and statistics on a range of gun-related topics, including the activities of the gun lobby, urban violence, and the politics of guns in America. In its effort to tell the stories of overlooked victims and secondary casualties of gun violence, the organization looks to engage with opposing viewpoints and seeks comment from all sides of story, with the ultimate aim of showing that all gun deaths and injuries matter. To that end, the site regularly collaborates with outside news organizations and has partnered with more than a dozen outlets, including The Atlantic, the New York Daily News, the Huffington Post, NPR, the Tampa Bay Times, Slate, and Vice.

Outstanding Web Features: The site is organized into eighteen sub topics, including , , , , , the , and . Longer  are highlighted on the site's splash page, and visitors can browse articles by popularity, navigate to featured articles via a convenient menu feature from any page, or search for items by keyword using the site's robust search engine. In addition, a handy  feature aggregates gun-related news and commentary from across the country, while visitors who want the latest coverage delivered to their emailbox can  for the organization's email newsletter and/or follow the site on Twitter or Facebook.  

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February 14, 2019