University of Cambridge Receives $11 Million for Design Center

The in England has announced a gift of £8 million ($11.7 million) from the to establish a design center in its .

The Dyson Centre for Engineering Design will provide more than twelve hundred students and academics with the space needed to invent, prototype, and collaborate on cutting-edge projects, including solar-powered racing cars, vehicles engineered for arctic ice, quad-rotor drones, and helium balloon spaceflight systems. In addition, a separate four-story building — the James Dyson Building for Engineering — will house postgraduates engaged in research on advanced materials, smart infrastructure, electric vehicles, and efficient internal combustion systems, with a bridge link between the two providing easy access to testing laboratories housing fluid dynamics machinery, aerodynamics equipment, and areas for aeroacoustics analysis.

"Developing the intellectual property that will help Britain succeed in the global technology race depends on applying our brightest minds to ambitious and exciting research projects," said Sir James Dyson. "I'm hopeful that this new space for Britain's best engineers at the University of Cambridge will catalyze great technological breakthroughs that transform how we live."

"." University of Cambridge Press Release 05/09/2016.