Stony Brook University Receives $6.3 Million for Advanced Computing

Stony Brook University Receives $6.3 Million for Advanced Computing

has announced a $6.3 million gift from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous in support of data-driven research at its (IACS).

Advanced computational science accelerates the speed of calculations, allowing researchers to more quickly process data and improve understanding of pressing contemporary challenges, including climate change, machine learning, and next-generation nuclear energy. IACS will use the gift to advance multidisciplinary research, seed initiatives, hire additional faculty, and expand its interdisciplinary training program, , to all students.

In addition to the gift, IACS announced a $5 million grant in support of the "Ookami system," a "testbed for advanced computer technologies" that is expected to drive supercomputing technology in the future.

"Whether modeling climate change, the inner workings of the human brain, or nuclear energies, our future is dependent on supercomputing and big data," said Robert J. Harrison, professor of applied mathematics and statistics and director of IACS. "Research data has the powerful ability to evolve our perspectives, and where new ideas emerge, innovation follows. This generous donation allows us to not only expand our resources but also empower scientific breakthroughs for a more prosperous future."

(Photo credit: Stony Brook University)

"." Stony Brook University Press Release 08/16/2019.