Starbucks, Schultz Foundations Give $2 Million to Address Homelessness

Starbucks, Schultz Foundations Give $2 Million to Address Homelessness

The and foundations have announced gifts and commitments totaling more than $2 million to in Seattle in support of the organization’s annual campaign.

Following a 20 percent jump in Seattle's homeless count last year, families with young children are waiting months for emergency shelter, leaving many sleeping on the streets or in cars and parks across the city. In addition to a $1 million gift, the Starbucks Foundation will match up to $1 million in donations to the organization made by Starbucks customers in King County during the month of December and will commit an additional $250,000 to other local nonprofits working to connect homeless families and youth to job placement programs and other critical services.

Starbucks founder Howard Schultz and his wife, Sherri, also will commit $1 million to the organization through the Schultz Family Foundation to help expand its shelter capacity and support its efforts to transition more of the estimated five hundred unsheltered families in Seattle into permanent housing.

"No child should have to sleep outside at night. We must come together as a community to address this vital need as a local imperative," said Microsoft president Brad Smith in announcing a pledge of $1 million to the campaign. "We will support partners throughout the area to pursue both short- and long-term systemic solutions, including permanent housing."

"." Starbucks Foundation Press Release 11/29/2016.