Smithsonian Receives $30 Million for National Air and Space Museum Expansion

Smithsonian Receives $30 Million for National Air and Space Museum Expansion

The in Washington, D.C., has announced a gift of $30 million from the in support of the .

In addition to supporting a variety of educational activities, the gift will help underwrite an extensive renovation of the Milestones of Flight exhibition, which is scheduled for completion in time for the museum's fortieth anniversary in 2016. In recognition of the gift, the exhibition will be renamed the Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall.

When completed, the renovated hall will highlight the interconnected stories of the world's most significant aircraft and spacecraft with digital displays and a newly designed mobile experience. The gift also will support upgrades to several other galleries, including the museum's "How Things Fly" exhibit, and provide support for a new program based on the roles innovation and technology play in the progress of aviation and space development, as well as the museum's annual John H. Glenn Lecture in Space History.

"We're honored to help preserve the legacy of pioneers who transformed an industry and influenced generations of innovators," said Boeing chairman and CEO Jim McNerney. "By supporting the National Air and Space Museum with the renovation and expansion of the gallery, we hope to inspire others to dream, design, and build the next game changers in aerospace history."

"." Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Press Release 04/03/2014.