Sealy & Smith Foundation Awards $75 Million to Renovate Hospital

Sealy & Smith Foundation Awards $75 Million to Renovate Hospital

The in Galveston has announced a $75 million gift from the for renovations to the interior and exterior of .

The gift will enable UTMB to reconfigure the five floors of the hospital which was constructed in the late 1970s, to provide women's and children's services. The renovations are expected to cost approximately $133 million, with the balance to be funded through debt and local sources. In 2011, the foundation awarded $170 million toward construction of the , which is scheduled to open for patients in March 2016.

The foundation, which was created in the 1920s to support UTMB, has awarded more than $900 million to the hospital system for a variety of projects in addition to providing foundation-owned clinical facilities and other properties for its use.

"This generous gift from the foundation will greatly enhance and broaden our spectrum of healthcare services," said UTMB president David L. Callender. "We're honored that the foundation entrusts us to continue providing the best possible health care, education for health workers, and cutting-edge research."

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