Lilly Endowment Announces 2014 Teacher Creativity Fellows

The Indianapolis-based has announced the recipients of its Teacher Creativity Fellowships for 2014.

Now in its twenty-seventh year, the program will provide one hundred K-12 teachers, principals, guidance counselors, and school librarians in Indiana with $10,000 each to pursue an imaginative project designed to infuse their busy lives with personal renewal and intellectual revitalization, enabling them to motivate their students more effectively.

Recipients of this year's fellowship will engage in a range of activities and projects, from writing a play about the sinking of the Titanic, to tracing the linked history of blues music and civil rights, to exploring modern research on dark matter, neutrinos, and the Higgs Boson and touring the particle physics lab at CERN in Switzerland. Since 1987, more than twenty-six hundred Indiana educators have received fellowships through the program.

"Our state's teachers, principals, guidance counselors, and school librarians give so much of themselves to their students," said Sara B. Cobb, vice president for education at the Lilly Endowment. "These individuals are precious resources, and Teacher Creativity Fellowships provide them with an important opportunity for renewal. Teachers get to become learners again as they explore their own curiosities and dreams, spend time in other parts of the world, pursue personal passions and just 'get away.' We regularly hear that these experiences have helped many Indiana educators regain their enthusiasm for their profession.”

For a complete list of this year's , visit the Lilly Endowment Web site.

"." Lilly Endowment Press Release 02/18/2014.