Deal say over you age from (12/20/14)

Deal say over you age from (12/20/14)


The , an affiliate of the , has elected Anne Reusché as chair and Thomas P. McMenamin and Miah H. Armour as co-vice chairs.


The Marysville Community Foundation has been established to encourage local philanthropy, the Marysville Advocate reports. An affiliate of the , the new foundation has named its inaugural board members and plans to hold a public event early in 2015 to answer residents' questions.


The has announced that impact grants were awarded to forty-eight local nonprofits working in the areas of arts and culture, education, health, social services, and youth development. Recipients include the Louisiana Center for Children's Rights, Kingsley House, United Houma Nation, Stand for Louisiana Children, and the Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans.


The has announced that its Fund for Omaha grants committee has awarded twenty-six grants totaling $210,000 to help nonprofits address community needs. Recipients include the Blue Barn Theatre, the Florence Home for the Aged, the Institute for Holocaust Education, and the Nebraska AIDS Project.


The has announced grants totaling more than $110,000 in support of ten nonprofits in Miami County through the Paul G. Duke Foundation, a supporting organization of the community foundation. Recipients include the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance, New Path, Pink Ribbon Girls, and the Troy Recreation Association.


The has announced $31,200 in grants to Mobile Meal providers in central Oklahoma to help offset the cost of food and transportation. Among the grantees were sixty-two churches that provide meals to homebound seniors. A recent Brown University study found that programs like Mobile Meals are vital to keeping the elderly in their own homes. Since 2008, the foundation has awarded more than $177,000 in support of Mobile Meals programs in central Oklahoma.

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