City of Hope Receives $2.5 Million to Study Natural Therapies

City of Hope Receives $2.5 Million to Study Natural Therapies

in Duarte, California, has announced a $2.5 million grant from the for research on how foods and plant-based ingredients help fight disease.

The funding from PCF, the charitable arm of the , will help establish a focused on developing treatments for cancer patients that are more effective than current treatments but with fewer harsh side effects. To that end, the grant will expedite the testing of promising novel therapies from three researchers who are investigating natural compounds’ ability to prevent and treat cancer.

With their grant funds, John Yim, associate professor and surgeon in CoH's division of surgical oncology, will study the effects of the compound baicalein, which is found in thyme and the Chinese herb huang qin; David Horne, interim director of the Beckman Research Institute, will research the anti-cancer potential of a compound known as ETP that is produced by fungi; and Shiuan Chen, professor and chair in the department of cancer biology, will investigate how certain foods, including blueberries and mushrooms, might improve outcomes for treatment-resistent breast cancer.

"City of Hope’s credo is, 'There is no profit in curing the body if in the process we destroy the soul,' and this new program reflects that commitment to the whole patient," said City of Hope president and CEO Robert Stone. "Our researchers and physicians understand our patients' need for better cancer-fighting therapies with fewer side effects, and we're grateful to the Panda Charitable Foundation for helping us develop those therapies."

"." City of Hope Press Release 09/09/2014.