Children's Hospital L.A. Receives $2 Million for Tumor Research

Children's Hospital L.A. Receives $2 Million for Tumor Research

has announced a $2 million gift to establish the Kort Family Foundation Brain and Spinal Cord Tumor Research Program in the .

The gift from Jill and Lee Kort will enable CHLA neurosurgeons to provide non-invasive diagnoses and more effective personalized treatments for children with brain and spinal cord tumors by addressing the underlying cause and genetic profile of each tumor. The funds also will support comprehensive studies of how central nervous system tumors develop and the best way to treat them, including the creation of a genetic tumor bank of tissue samples, DNA data, and MRI scans.

The gift was inspired by the Korts' then-sixteen-year-old daughter's diagnosis of a cavernous angioma in her spinal cord, a lesion that CHLA neurosurgeons successfully removed in 2014.

"Our concept for giving to CHLA is twofold: we want to feel that our gift will have an impact, and we want to be involved with the institution, to get a sense of what is happening and how our dollars are affecting the future," said Lee Kort, adding that it was an opportunity to set an example for their two daughters and "pay it forward."

"." Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Press Release 09/02/2015.