Bill Gates to Help Launch Philanthropy Program at Beijing University

Bill Gates and the China Philanthropy Research Institute at are teaming up to teach China's first generation of millionaires and billionaires how to be effective philanthropists, reports.

Gates and the institute will launch a philanthropic education program that, among other things, aims to raise 100 million yuan ($16.1 million) annually from successful Chinese entrepreneurs. The program will feature classroom teaching and overseas study tours focused on philanthropy and will also involve staff from philanthropic and social sector organizations, potential donors, and training specialists.

According to Cheng Gang, president of the , "Many Chinese entrepreneurs are enthusiastic about becoming philanthropists." Yet many in China continue to question the motives of philanthropic-minded individuals, accusing them of showmanship and flaunting their wealth.

Zhao Hua, who teaches nonprofit management at in Beijing, said many wealthy people in China don't believe they need to be educated about charitable giving. But, she added, wealthy Chinese should realize that real philanthropy is about solving social problems, which requires vision, sound management skills, and an innovative approach.

"." 08/02/2014.