Alliance of Philanthropic Leaders Pledges Action on Issues Facing Boys and Men of Color

More than two dozen foundation and nonprofit leaders have pledged to take collective action on issues facing boys and young men of color.

At a meeting held in conjunction with the ' annual conference in Chicago earlier this week, the leaders of twenty-six social sector organizations agreed to form an "alliance or federation that will evaluate promising approaches, advocate for effective public policy and systems change, and invest in these young men as assets for America's future." According to a on behalf of the group, the members of the group will "examine, recommend, and, where appropriate, individually or collectively support efforts at national, regional, and local levels, by business, government, or individuals, to explicitly engage in improving life chances for boys and men of color," while encouraging other foundations, public sector agencies, and the private sector to join the effort.

Each of the twenty-six organizations is already engaged in or working to develop targeted investment strategies that address issues such as high homicide and incarceration rates among African American males, low educational attainment and employment rates among Latinos, and disparities in social determinants of health among Asians/Pacific Islanders and Native Americans. In an effort to build the field, alliance members will call on other philanthropic organizations to join the movement and take concrete action.

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"." California Endowment Press Release 04/09/2013.